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Why Hire an Internet Hitman?

I’m Joshua Baldwin, and I want to be the Internet hitman who brings your skilled trade into the Information Age. I’m the sort of guy you should talk you if you want an expert on your side who can drive your business forward using:

  • Google Search Pay-Per-Click Ads
  • Facebook & Social Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization

Hey, I’ve even got a super cool website lease program that can get you onto the Internet marketplace with no upfront cost—a truly rare business model you’re not going to find from ordinary marketing schmos.

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Our Stuff That Grows Your Business

Our Services

Being in the Internet hitman business means that I've got a technology company that's good at all of the cool new emerging technologies that you'll never know what you did without. We use our bags of tricks to help skilled tradesmen that we partner with acquire more high-value clients.

You know that the future of your advertising is digital. Yesterday's ads on the radio, newspaper, billboards, local TV, and Yellow Pages aren't going to work much longer. Your future will hinge on your website's search engine optimization, email marketing, and online advertising campaigns. That's why you need us and not some rando marketer.

Your prospective customers are spending their time online, but they still need your services. So, do you want to do what I did and get a college degree and spend tens of thousands of dollars just to get good at this, or do you want to hire an Internet hitman who knows what he's doing to have your back?

Targeted Social Media Marketing

Let's face it: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are here to stay. But guess what? We're all over this!

When you're an Internet hitman, you're good at coming up with the best social media campaigns that drive engagement and convert to sales. We design hugely profitable campaigns that do audience microtargeting right so that everyone knows who you are and you're in front of the crazy high-value leads.

Our secret? We've got proven strategies to nurture and drive social media engagement. Our tricks turn people into customers that hit your landing pages where they can be imported into your customer pipeline and brought on as high-value clients.

Best Google Search PPC

So, you've probably had some marketing wannabe sitting in his pajamas wanting you to spend thousands and thousands of dollars in Google Ads. If you're like me, you're probably a bit skeptical. And you'd be sorta right and sorta wrong.

You see, online search algorithms change anywhere from 300 to 800 times per year. Anywhere from 5 to 20 of those changes can do a real number to your rankings. Anyone can throw together a Google Ads campaign, but you need a guy who stays on top of all this stuff so that you don't have to wonder if your money is going down the rat hole.

As Internet hitmen, we know Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa, and every other toy out there that people play with. We'll keep your advertising spend ahead of whatever happens in real time, and we'll keep costs down and results up. Sshhh... we've got purpose-built 1-to-1 keyword-matching software that gets the best relevancy at the lowest cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Hey, are you still trying to come up with an excuse to hire some other marketing bozo instead of a legit Internet client-getting hitman? Well, wait till you see how we do SEO.

You see, we do mindblowingly cool websites that are cool because we'll get you the best search engine optimization in the business. Unless you want to go broke and get crushed and work for some nut you don't like when you could be running your own business, you've simply got to have a site that's awesome enough to get you onto Page 1 of Google.

Top-ranked SEO is the best online asset your business can develop, and we are here for you. We've got the best tools in the Internet hitman biz to get your site in Google's first-page organic search engine results. You've gotta check this out!

Only a Legit Internet Hitman Will Offer You This

Website Development and Leasing Program

In case you aren't yet convinced that we are awesome Internet hitmen, we've got a unique innovative website development and leasing program. Here's the deal: we build, optimize, and maintain amazing websites that bring in organic Google search traffic for your line of work at our expense. You just lease the website leads.

Getting In On The Internet Game

If you want to get into Internet marketing but are worried about the costs of website development and maintenance, you'll want to check out our one-of-a-kind, no-obligations leasing program! What's our magic? Basically, a whole lotta nope!

  • No initial development investment
  • No permanent contracts
  • No website maintenance or hosting costs
  • No-hassle Free 2-week trial opportunity

Will This Work For Me?

You won't know unless you ask! Most industries are good fits for a good Internet hitman, and we're happy to chitchat. We work hard to ensure that each of our lease websites continue to grow your business, but you can opt out if you want, and we'll be totally cool with you on that.

We've built several leasing websites serving multiple markets. They've been super profitable for our clients, and we are constantly exploring new opportunities to get even better at this and grow local small businesses using our innovative but proven techniques.

What's The Guarantee?

One last thing: if we reached out to you, we found a fantastic opportunity in your area. We currently have a leasable website under development that will give your business a huge ROI that will make you drool!

We are some of the only Internet hitmen you'll find who are so confident in the power of our web solutions that we will let you try out our technological marketing for free before you buy in. How many ordinary Internet marketers will do that for you?

Why Hire The Skinny Guy With The Red Hair?

Yep, I’m an Internet Hitman

Could you use more business from an Internet hitman who knows high-value, low-cost client-getting?

You probably don’t know that you need a frigging Internet hitman yet, but… you do. You see, I got a degree in software engineering in 2014, and got into the Internet hitman business getting clients for people.

You know how this goes. The big guys sell junk, but your work is better and probably cheaper. But the big guys have the money to hire marketers to get them the most business. However, just by being good at being an Internet hitman, I’ve beaten all the bozo marketers and big money guys at their own game.

My family comes from a long line of skilled tradesmen. My grandpa spent decades running the best flooring installation company in western Montana. He was successful not just because he could lay flooring better but because he knew how to get his name out there. Today, I’m mixing some good old Grandpa with the Internet hitman arts of search engine optimization and online advertising domination, and I want to beat the bozos out there and grow your business.

Did you know that with our new innovative technology, it is possible for you to crush virtually any competition? That’s why we are the best Internet hitmen. Our secret is simple: we maximize the effectiveness and minimize the cost of Internet-based advertising, SEO, and website development to get you ahead of your competition. If you are interested in an Internet hitman who will get more high-value big-money customers in your pocket fast, let’s talk!

Do you STILL have questions?

We've Got Answers!

What is an SEO Expert?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert is an Internet hitman who's been trained as a professional web developer. These guys can optimize basically anyone's website to outperform competitor websites to rank at or near the top of online searches. Basically, they get you free advertising potential.

Most web searchers rarely look past the first 10 organic search results that appear within the Google Map Pack or in their Google hits. Depending on your market and the types of competition, a great SEO strategy can have a good chance to get you into these organic search results and bring in real money.

Most SEO services are subscription-based, because the Internet hitmen have to keep making more hits all the time. SEO requires comparing your website to competition websites. We've got to identify strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities, and then take action. It's just how this business goes.

How Effective is SEO?

SEO can be the most powerful tool in your toolbox, if you've got a good Internet hitman. However, it will only be as effective as you are willing to make it. You need a dedicated, consistent strategy to get you to the top of Internet search results and to keep you there.

Basic improvement opportunities are usually possible to improve the overall optimization of your website. We recommend that websites scoring below a 90% optimization success rate on Google PageSpeed Insights be submitted to us for improvement opportunities, since Google and other search providers prioritize quality websites.

In reality, while any marketer can figure out some tricks, SEO is best understood as a comprehensive process that requires a good Internet hitman who knows how to unite and continuously improve your digital assets for maximum visibility over time to search engine crawlers to achieve high-ranked indexing, blah blah blah.

How Effective are Google Ads?

When you've got a good Internet hitman in charge, Google Ads use your advertising dollars to get you in front of the best-quality leads that you'll actually see.

Boring print advertisements will never be as narrowly targeted as a good Google Ad campaign. Think about it this way: a billboard or a mailer will target anyone who sees it, regardless of whether or not they even want your service. Wouldn't you rather have your ad in front of someone who actually needs your service right away? Wouldn't you rather get your ad in front of that person who needs your service than pay to get in front of someone tossing out their junk mail?

We build out optimized Google Ads using secret sauce that optimizes the relevance of Google Ad campaigns to get the lowest pay-per-click PPC costs. If you would like a free evaluation from an actual Internet hitman, we're happy to talk!

How Effective are Facebook Ads?

How about going next level? Ads on popular social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can easily outperform print or TV ads, so why not jump on that bandwagon too? These ads are huge if you want your name out there. We know how to make everyone who needs to know about you actually know about you.

When we recommend social media campaigns, we drive engagement. If you like what you see here on our site (and if we're not, please yell at us in all caps on our webform), then prospective clients will like what we come up with on Facebook. Plus, we are good at proven techniques that will bring you real leads who bring in the real money that you expect from a paid campaign. So why not?